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Skilling the World’s Workforce.

Published on June 06, 2020

Bienvenue! I’d like to welcome you all to the inaugural edition of [newsletter name], a place where I’ll be sharing some of the ideas and voices that give me inspiration as we enable the future... A future that is more resilient, more equitable and more sustainable. Please join me for two minutes as we take a quick trip around the world.

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Skilling the World’s Workforce

As we have seen in recent months, businesses are digitizing their entire operating models, and governments are reflecting on how to build fairer societies through digital tools. But while we know that to be successful with “digital everything” means the entire global workforce will need new skills, we also know that we are collectively facing an urgent and immediate unemployment crisis due to Covid-19. We must be bold and deliberate in how we act upon this challenge, because we have a once in a century opportunity to reset the global economy for future growth and to benefit billions. [Yesterday/Last week] marked another important milestone in Microsoft’s commitment to skilling the global workforce and ensuring an inclusive economic recovery. You can read about our aim to help 25 million workers worldwide in this post from my colleague Brad Smith, while LinkedIn’s Ryan Roslansky shares more about the important role LinkedIn will play.

We’ve also recently shared a number of free resources to help students learn the skills of the future during Covid and beyond. As my colleague Charlotte Yarkoni writes, the importance of these bright young minds cannot be underestimated: “Today’s students are the innovators and inventors of the future who can use technology as a bedrock to help find solutions to the types of problems we’re facing today — and those we can’t predict.”

Doubling Down on Digital Transformation

When it comes to complete transformation, cloud and AI remain some of the greatest opportunities. But first, countries must have the critical infrastructure required to recognize the true benefit of the technology – and more importantly, empower all citizens to take part. Along with Poland and New Zealand, we recently announced a major investment plans and datacenter regions in Italy. Here, I’d like to give you an opportunity to meet the general manager of Microsoft Italia, Silvia Candiani, who shares with us her thoughts about how Italy is using technology to sustain and rebuild businesses, invest in the types of skills needed…

Spotlight on Zindi

I was glad to see Global Social Entrepreneurship Program participant Zindi featured recently in the Financial Times, where founder Celina Lee highlighted some of the obstacles and opportunities facing healthcare entrepreneurs in Africa. Zindi is a data science competition platform, dedicated to solving Africa’s most pressing problems by bringing together a community of data scientists who collaborate and compete to come up with the best possible solutions using machine learning and AI. I couldn’t agree more with her perspective on how we tackle the world’s biggest challenges: “You should be able to be anywhere or anyone and be able to throw your hat in the ring.”

Celina provides further insight into how Zindi is using Azure to mobilize these bright minds, create job opportunities and solve challenges in her recent Microsoft Build session. Thank you, Celina, for bringing your passion and dedication to bear every single day.

Hope Stories

I’ve been deeply inspired by how our customers and partners across every industry are harnessing digital tools to navigate this uncertain landscape. One powerful story I recently learned about is…

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